Fetish's Gift: Bitter Taste of Forgiveness

Sorry this took so long Fetish!!

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Gift for Lady_Fetish
Title: Bitter Taste of Forgiveness

Rating: NC-17

Prompt: Wincest version of the scene in "I Know What You Did Last Summer" season four.

Summary: When Sam and Dean narrowly escape the demon who was pursuing Anna, they talk about the four months Sam was by himself while Dean was in hell. And Dean gets more than he bargined for when he asks about Ruby...

This is part one, I'm not sure I'll get it done by christmas, but it's not finished yet! (Yep, it's a lot longer than I expected it to be when I started...I love it when my muse does that to me!)

Hope you like it, Fetish!

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Gift for Cha and Brie!!!
Thank you guys so much for writing all those amazing fics for Christmas! I hope you like the one I wrote for you...

Prompt you gave me: Sam/Dean phone sex on a stormy winter night.

Merry Christmas!! 
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Vid Rec!

I know this is kinda random, but I've been following this series of vids from Wincestboy and I wanted to rec them. Its called the 'Wincest Chrnoicals' and I love them. Its a story (with fun music in the background) about how the brothers get together. There's fourteen mini-sodes so far, and I can't wait for more!

Go and click on the link if you're interested:


Have fun, and tell me what you think (or if you've already watched it...)


Turning out to be an awesome story...

Beta Wanted!

I am looking for a Beta (Alpha and Cheerleader, can be all three or just one or two) for my story, Interruption from Reality. It's a multi-chapter fic that I've just begun, but have a pretty good layout for. Its a Sam/Dean crossover with RPS Jensen/Jared rated NC-17. I'll send you the summary and the first chapter as a teaser if you want to help!

Please, I am in need of some help with this one. ; )  Come one, come all!

E. Quill

Season Six Character Thoughts

So, I've seen all three of the season six episodes and I think that they've got themselves back on track. The third episode had none of the awkwardness of the first two, and felt as if they were starting all over from season one, almost, but with everything backwards. It makes for an interesting twist, I know, but has anybody else have daydreams of how you think they'll kill off the rest of the Campell's? I know I do!

Anyway, back to the real reason for this post. Sam Winchester.

Dean I get at this point. He's much more open and relaxed than he ever was in seasons one through five, even though he's highly suspicious of Sam's new buddies. We all are. But that year break really did him a world of good, even if he was itching to get back into hunting when he saw that Sam was still alive.

But Sam, I realized as I was discussing this with my friend, isn't the same at all. He just has lost his heart, using all his focus on hunting and ignoring everything about his weird new partners. His give-a-damn's busted, y'all. However, just like with Dean, I think that its just a matter of time before he breaks, especially with the previews I saw of the upcoming episode. Hell may not have been the same for him, but it definetly has fucked him over.

Anyone else thinkin' the same thing? Do you think that it's only a matter of time before Sam loses it, now that Dean's back and forcing him to look a little harder at himself, or do you think that this is just how its gonna be with him for the rest of the time? Are we never again going to see our loveable puppy-dog Sammy? Either way, here's certainly a screw loose somewhere in there.

Tell me what you think!

Away From Myth

Pairing: Jared/Jensen

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Fairy Tale

Word Count: 2,463

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Jensen sighed once again. He sat at his window the night after Jared, the enchanting farie, had sworn revenge. In his hand was the rose he had discovered that afternoon, its petals a deep, flawless crimson just barely beginning to bloom. It had to have been the most beautiful gift he had ever been presented.

He turned away from the night sky and ran his thumb down the bud and over the stem. The ridges of the side of his finger caught on one of the thorns and sliced through the skin. Jensen hissed and brought the wound to his lips, wondering just how much the rose in his possession compared to his farie...

He blushed at his thoughts. How could such a wild and mysterious being belong to anyone, let alone him?

A sweet-smelling breeze came through the open window, and Jensen looked out into the dark forest. The leaves were being blown inward as the first notes drifted to Jensen's ears. His eyes glassed as he listened to more, more of the most enticing, dark, and beautiful music he had ever heard before...

Still clutching the rose in one hand, he swung his legs over the edge of his sill, wiggling down until he could hold onto the sturdy vines. He climbed down and landed without a sound, turning to walk into the woods. Fireflies met him, twirling and dancing around, lighting his way.

They went unnoticed by Jensen, captured by the haunting tune that ensnared his thoughts. His bare feet stepped on sofened moss, rocks and sharp weeds retreating to keep from harming him. The trees parted to reveal a clearing lit only by moonlight, where Jared sat, eyes closed, lips pressed to the intricately carved ebony wood.

Branches lowered all around them, leaves unfurling and spreading to form a veil impenetrable by any human. The forest serves its dwellers fantastically, especially those who are its children. A beautiful home indeed.

In the day, among others, his glamour had been up, but in the forest, it was impossible to keep it up. Mother nature's allure was as strong as Jared's song, sometimes more. Jared played a final, long note that lingered in the air, departing with the wind. His eyes opened, their colors mixing, glowing in the night.

Jared's eyes stared intently over Jensen's form. The young man was simply dressed, wearing a flowing large white shirt that hung on his chest. He was in loose breeches that tied at the waist and bare at the feet. Jared smiled softly when he saw that Jensen was staring at his bare chest and face that gimmered in the moonlight on his transformed skin.

If Jensen had been infatuated with the fay before, then he was certainly in love now.

Jared's eyes were wider, more slanted than they had been, and his ears now pointed at the shell. Everything about him was so graceful and gorgeous as he alighted from his seat on the large boulder at the other edge of the clearing.

He stepped toward Jensen, who was stuck, shocked, to where he was standing. It wasn't until Jared spoke that he felt he could even breathe.

"Did you enjoy my song?" Jared asked when they only stood a foot or so apart.

"It was beautiful," Jensen smiled sweetly at the thought of it, still hearing it echo in his ears.

"I played it only for you," Jared smiled back, a gleam in his eyes that sent shivers down Jensen's spine. "Did you miss me?"

Jared whispered this into Jensen's ear, who gasped at the sudden movement and bit his lip when Jared licked his neck.

"Yes," Jensen replied, trying not to moan as Jared's mouth and lips worked over his neck, "I'm sorry for my father. He really is a bastard most of the time,"

"He must be," Jared said, smoothing his hands over Jensen's hips and underneath the other's shirt, "To not place more protection on his most valueble possession,"

Jensen arched into Jared, pushing them flush together, and brought his hands up to clench on Jared's shoulders. "Wh-What do you-uhn-mean?"

Jared bit firmly on Jensen's neck, making him melt against Jared fully. He chuckled deeply and twined one on his hands into Jensen's hair, moving the young man to face him. "You, obviously," Jared smiled that same wicked smile that he had in the great hall the day that they had met, and kissed Jensen with all the passion and longing he had felt when he had first laid eyes on the young lord.

Jensen felt his shirt being lifted and raised his arms to let Jared pull it off. His heart was pounding, the blood curling in his cheeks and flushing over his neck and chest before settiling in his cock. It made his mind sluggish and his breathing harsh. Jared's hands sliding over his skin, his fingers teasing Jensen's muscles didn't help either.

He gasped and moaned when Jared palmed his ass, allowing for the farie to reclaim his mouth with teeth and expert tongue. He felt himself being picked up and wrapped his legs around Jared on instinct before moaning again when Jared's groin pressed against his. He couldn't help but grind into Jared, clenching harder on the fay's arms.

Jared lay them down near where the boulder was, a moss and grass bed carefully made already waiting. Jensen's muddled mind was lost for a few long moments, reeling in sensation, before he came back to himself and noticed they were both naked, Jared perched on his elbows above him. Those expressive, multi-colored eyes looked down at him with such affection, and even though Jensen was thrown by his insecurity, he felt safe and protected with this farie.

"So beautiful..." Jared said as he brushed his fingers along the curve of Jensen's cheek, following the delicous blush that so enhance his features. "I may have brought lead you here through my magic, Jensen, however, I do not wish to force you into anything," Jared leaned forward, moving his forearm above Jensen's head, his nose brushing under Jensen's ear, "But I can promise you unimaginable pleasures if you give yourself to me," he purred, swiveling his hips downward and ground them together.

"Ahh..." Jensen gasped aloud, and thought that Jared was silly for considering that Jensen would ever deny him. "Yes, please..." He begged, arching, spreading his legs intentionally to allow more contact between them.

"Mmm," Jared smiled, loving how willing Jensen was to be his. He kissed that reddened, swollen mouth and dragged his hands down Jensen's back, under his bottom, and the back of his thighs, parting them further and bending Jensen's knees. He mouthed down Jensen's neck, sucking and biting his nipples to make Jensen utter the most wonderful moans and noises he had ever heard. Jared continued down Jensen's chest, tonguing his navel and the crease of his thigh and hip before pausing to look up at Jensen.

The young lord's eyes were half shut in ecstasy, barely open but somehow mangaing not to take his gaze off of Jared. Jared soothed the uneasiness he saw in those bright green eyes, rubbing Jensen's thigh gently. Then, he leaned down to continue his trail.

He lapped once, and then again at Jensen's cock when the younger practically whined at the sensation. He suckled at the base, mouthing the balls before pushing Jensen's knees back and up to allow him more room. The young lord's pink, sweet hole winked at him as he took a moment to simply stare.

"NNNAH!" Jensen howled to the night sky, completely unprepared when Jared swooped in again and licked his hole. He squirmed, feeling like he was floating, unsure of what to make of this new development. He couldn't get away, and decided that was a good thing, a fantastic thing, when Jared's tongue pushed even deeper. He barely noticed when Jared added a finger...two... but he definetly felt when they brushed over his sweet spot.

Ultimate, painless pleasure, rocking through him like a thuderstorm. Magical, Jensen thought to himself, and had to smile at the obvious answer as to how anything could have felt so good.

Three fingers in, and Jared decided he had waited long enough. His body blanketed Jensen's, and Jared kissed him one more time.

"Ready?" Jared asked, and Jensen wrapped his legs around him.

"I better be," Jensen smiled, blushing again for reasons he could not voice.

Jared chuckled in his chest before he slid inside, his cock already so wet and hard. Jensen was surprised then that there was no pain, just a light pressure that was only a little uncomfortable before Jared bottomed out. Jensen rocked his hips up to test the new feeling and tensed. He moaned as Jared's cockhead dragged again over his prostate.

"So good, aren't you?" Jared moaned, pulling Jensen's head backward so he could attack Jensen's neck, marr his perfectly porcelin skin.

And all Jensen could say back, as Jared thrust harder, was "More..."

"As you wish," Jared smirked, overjoyed that he had found such an enthusiastic partner. He swung one of Jensen's legs over his shoulder while he pushed the other down, bending it at the knee towards Jensen's chest. The position spread Jensen open even wider and allowed Jared deeper inside of him. Jensen felt trapped in such a way that he never wanted to be released, clenching the grass by the sides of his head was the only thing he could do to give Jared more leverage.

Jared let himself go compeletely when he saw how much Jensen was loving the way he was being used, arching and pleading for more. He pounded into Jensen, hitting his prostate with every harsh pump inward. Their orgasm built up like a hurricane, sweeping them up without care for their wish that this joining would be never-ending.

Jensen came first, his completion exploding over both their chests. He screamed Jared's name to the winds, muscles spasming like his wild heart, and the potent combination had Jared coming just as hard, his cock wrung out by the vice of Jensen's ass. All they could do for a long time afterward was breathe in tandem, Jared still enveloping Jensen in his arms, the young lord's head resting on Jared's chest with their legs entwined.

They fell asleep like that, underneath the stars and staring wordlessly into eachother's eyes, Jared promising himself that he would never stray too far from Jensen's home...should the other not agree to travel with him once morning came.



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Another Story Banner

Find the fic at my fanficion account!! Its a Harry/Draco Slash.

First Ever Story Banner!!

Hey all! This is my story banner for From the Forgotten and to the Future, which can be found on my Fanfiction (my name there is Icybluegoddessfarie) link below. Hope you like, and if you have any requests for a banner or image, just ask!


Its called HUNTERS AND FREAKS now, sorry!!!

The Strangest Kind: Chapter Two
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